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1. Which option does’t belong to the advantages of starting a business?

a) My own work hours
b) Flexible remote working
c) I don’t need to work much
d) Working on yourself and being your own boss

2. How a business idea can be transformed into a successful business?

a) By determining the problem that needs to be solved
b) By paying an external company to do that
c) By being negative and lazy
d) By starting business without having necessary knowledge of it

3. What you should’t do when transferring your idea into a business?

a) Find supportive partners
b) Create a financial model
c) Determine your source of capital
d) Finding a random source of financing your busines without knowing what would be the most beneficial for you

4. What is a disadvantage of equity investors?

a) They might steal your money
b) You will have to trade part of your controlof your business to investors
c) These investors can bring you not only money, but also their expertise
d) Credibility that they bring to your project

5. Who are not Angel investors

a) Family, friends, communities
b) Ex- entrepreneurs, rich people
c) A charity
d) Group of individuals who fund enterprises with their own money rather than professionally managed funds

6. What not to do when working from home?

a) Prioritize your work
b) Act like your at home and not at work
c) Limit distractions
d) Get ready for your day

7. What is important on your way to become an entrepreneur?

a) Self-doubt
b) Complaining
c) Thinking of failure
d) Honest self-assesment

8. What in not a necessary procedure when starting a business?

a) Establishing a company structure
b) Registering your business name
c) Counting exactly how much I want to earn monthly
d) Getting your TIN

9. What doesn’t need to be part of your business plan according to the module?

a) Exact address of your office
b) Executive summary
c) Description of the business
d) Market research

10. What you shouldn’t do on the scope of networking?

a) Create contacts
b) Miss out on events on purpose
c) Be present
d) Work on your reputation

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