The Concept - Why Mentoring for Micro-businesses?

Mentoring is the solution that has been recommended by nearly all studies to overcome obstacles in the efficient and successful integration of new immigrants. Mentors are supporting immigrants in looking for work and giving advice on social matters as well as providing access to networks and thus bridging also cultural gaps. If formerly arrived first-generation immigrants themselves would also be business mentors, then the overall solution is much more effective; they can include their mentees in their social networks, including contacts via friends, relatives, and existing business environment; all are deemed to be very important for newcomers. Newly arrived immigrants, tend to have fewer networks that are relevant to the business market than do native-born. Thus, the heavy reliance of the job-matching process on informal networks can limit access to jobs by (humanitarian) migrants and put them at a significant disadvantage in the business markets especially in micro and small scale businesses.

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How did you find us?

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