1. Introduction
2. Starting a Business
2.1. Advantages of Starting a Business for Immigrant Women and Women with Immigrant Background
2.2. How a Business Idea can be Tranformed Into a Business
2.2.1. Determine the Problem that has to be Solved
2.2.2. Find Supportive Partners
2.2.3. Research the competition
2.2.4. Create a Financial Model
2.2.5. Determine your Source of Capital
2.2.6. Create the Pivot
2.2.7. Stay Positive!
3. How to Reach Financial Support
3.1. Equity Funding
3.1.1. Angel Investors
3.1.2. Venture Capitalists
3.1.3. Strategic Investors
3.1.4. Which Type of Equity Investors do you Need?
3.2. Banks and Credit Institutions
3.3. Crowfunding Platforms
3.4. Public Bodies
4. Organizing Work and Home Office Activities - Installation Costs
5. Importance of self- assessment ways
6. Bureaucratic Procedures when Starting and Developing Business
7. Preparing a Business plan
8. Creating a Network
8.1. Be Present
8.2. Create Contacts
8.3. Work on Your Reputation
8.4. Stay in Touch by Email
8.5. Useful Tips
9. Conclusion
10. Summary

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